"The Irish… and how they got that way" by Frank McCourt

One of the most enjoyable plays performed at the Irish Repertory theater was written by Frank McCourt.  I was given tickets to "The Irish… and how they got that way" and fell in love with everything about t.

The set design was unique in that they used the three walls surrounding the stage to project still photographs and video to capture the history of the Irish from the potato famine to U2.  The effect was you were surrounded with the sights, sounds and culture of the Irish coming to America with all their hopes, dreams and challenges.

The stories, the folklore, the songs were so captivating that it was like watching a live movie and you were in it. McCourt takes you on a ride through the tumultuous 20th and 21st centuries and you don't ever want to get off.

The music mesmerizes from the old Irish folk ballads, to George M. Cohan's patriotic songs of America, and even the more contemporary songs of Ireland's own U2.

There are moments you want to join the actors onstage for a song or a jig.

I enjoyed this play so much I returned a second time and bought tickets and a round of drinks for my brother and his guests.  The ticket office at the Irish Repertory Theater was fantastic and very accommodating.  While this play is no longer being performed at the theater, they are always putting on terrific Irish cultural events. You are bound to find an event that you will enjoy.  Check out The Irish Repertory Theatre

And since you cannot see this play on stage anymore, the music and video are available, in limited supply, on Amazon.com. It is an exuberant and powerful cast and story that will engage and inform while you sit back and drink in the history and memories.

I'd love to hear what you think.


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